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“Digital sales have increased to 75% of total sales from 25% earlier in the year..."
Very few 2020 plans survived the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the banking industry
DCBank and XTM want to place cashless kiosks in retail venues – but is a cashless society a realistic aim?
As the pandemic’s impact has reshaped how customers interact with their banks, a JD Power survey sheds light on the best performers
First Bank has teamed up with HT Mobile Apps to offer two smartphone apps aimed at improving the financial literacy of its customers
Three quarters of banking executives believe adoption of new technologies will differentiate between the industry’s winners and losers
Users, both remote and local, require direct access to the internet for cloud and Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications
Facing unyielding competition from new players, banks are on a quest to optimize customer profitability
The Switzerland-headquartered bank is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to digitize its operations
Open banking users expected to hit 40 million by end-2021, while payments forecast to total $9 billion
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