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Few clear winners stand out, leaving banks mostly still watching. Herewith an informal “new payments scorecard”
Get moving or mobile web-quipped social users will leave you behind    
Why technology is key to tapping more high-end clients
After 40 years of branch building, the United States will witness a dramatic reduction in the number of operating branches, and Celent argues retail banks have yet to respond to…
Tactile-based technology, or in other words the touch screen interface, has become the de facto standard for computing devices and we didn't even see it coming.
Enhanced capabilities make the ubiquitous machines a competitive advantage once again
New technologies focus on putting the customer first
Walk into any branch of Integrity Bank and you notice the smell. That’s by design
Your first reaction upon reading the provocative headline above, may well be: “First, kill all the consultants.” But since you’ve read this far, you ought to continue. It will be…
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