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Four Corners Community Bank Refers to Millenial Employees as a Consideration in Choosing Fintech Partners

Banks are in need of young leaders that naturally keep up with current technology

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Four Corners Community Bank Refers to Millenial Employees as a Consideration in Choosing Fintech Partners

Four Corners Community Bank has $370 million in assets and is based in Farmington, New Mexico. While the bank is small and focused on regional customers, it takes a lot under consideration when choosing its technology partners.

The bank was one of several banks that decided to partner with integrated financial technology firm Computer Services Inc (CSI) in 2019. The CEO, Sheila Mathews sited an interesting reason why they went with CSI. Mathews stated, “Aside from the productivity we’ll gain, we employ more millennials than any other generation. A modern interface that looks and acts like the applications they use in their daily lives makes the workflow more intuitive.”

It was not the only reason they chose the provider as Mathews also stated, “We selected CSI because they are like us: customer friendly. And not only are they service oriented, but also they offer operational efficiencies that are unmatched.” However, matching technology decisions with the workforce demographics definitely brings with it a coordinated internal effort between Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology officers, and human resources even at banks the size of Four Corners Community Bank.

Banks need to not only consider digital banking solutions for their customers when choosing fintech providers, but also for their employees.

Mathews also mentioned the importance of answering support calls within a day, and all in one capability. Fast customer service is something they see reflecting not only the expectations of its customers, but also its workforce.

“CSI has always focused on delivering integrated technology through a service-focused culture, one that puts people at the center of all relationships,” said Steve Powless, CSI’s chairman and CEO. “We welcome these new banks into the CSI family and look forward to helping them harness their full potential in automating back-office processes and enhancing the customer experience.”

Several banks have stated that they struggle with hiring a qualified younger workforce due to low unemployment and technology savvy potential employees opting for careers in other sectors.

While Fintech firms have certainly taken off, banks have a unique story to tell as an industry in transition and in need of young leaders that naturally keep up with current technology.

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